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By Jason Snell

Follow-up: Exporting MP3s from iOS

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

TwistedWave Audio Editor for iOS.

Last week I wrote about how I use the web-service Auphonic to do post-production on podcasts I edit on iOS with Ferrite Recording Studio.

Since then I’ve discovered a few new facts worth mentioning:

  • Auphonic’s got an iOS app, Auphonic Recorder. It’s iPhone only and designed mostly for audio recording, but it contains a share extension that allows me to export from Ferrite and immediately upload to Auphonic, without using something like Dropbox as an intermediary. If I’m using an Auphonic preset I’ve previously configured, it will even automatically begin processing my project using those settings once the upload is complete.
  • The $10 app TwistedWave Audio Editor will export in MP3 format, upload to Dropbox or a server via SFTP, and supports detailed MP3 tagging.

Depending on my needs, I could see myself using either of these tools. If I want to to audio post-processing and have a bit more fiddly control over every aspect of my tags, Auphonic will do the job. But TwistedWave seems to do the job when it comes to encoding and tagging.

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