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By Jason Snell

Stop audio pauses in iOS 10 Public Beta

Warning: This story has not been updated in several years and may contain out-of-date information.

So on yesterday’s episode of Upgrade I discussed the issues with using beta operating systems—how last year I had to install Yosemite on an extra partition on my Mac in order to record podcasts, because the El Capitan beta wrecked the reliability of my USB audio devices.

This year’s example was from iOS 10—I installed the beta on my iPhone, and I found that it was pausing audio randomly, making it difficult to listen to music or podcasts. It’s not something to get mad about; this is exactly what you should expect from beta software. But it’s a good example about how using beta software on devices you rely on can be disruptive.

In any event, after the show I heard from a few people on Twitter who suggested that I turn off the “Hey Siri” feature in order to solve the problem:

So far so good. If you’re running the iOS 10 beta and seeing this bug, give this workaround a try.

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