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By Jason Snell

Introducing “Free Agents”

For a long time Mac Power Users co-host David Sparks and I would meet when I was visiting southern California and we’d talk about how our jobs were grinding us down. Then all of a sudden, he and I were both out on our own and grappling with any number of issues involving being independent workers after 20 years of working in a traditional job.

David suggested there might be a podcast in that. Our discussion of how to structure such a thing so that its scope didn’t overwhelm us and all the other work we were doing ended up being the jumping-off point for the first episode of “Free Agents”, the new podcast we kicked off this week.

(Thanks to Chris Breen for the theme song and Matt Alexander for the narration.)

If you’re interested in hearing us talk about the issues around being an independent worker, check it out. The show will be short and appear fortnightly, and we’re hoping to do two short topic-based episodes followed by an interview with an independent working person.

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