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By Jason Snell

Sonos app update adds lock-screen controls


From the “finally” file, Sonos just released an iOS app update that adds support for music control from the lock screen. Now if your iOS app is locked, you can control the currently active Sonos device just as you can with other audio apps. Sonos has added some nice touches, like the name of the active player and the source of the music, overlaid on the album art.

And by picking up lock-screen support, this also means that you can also control Sonos players from the Now Playing glance on the Apple Watch.

I’ve been using a couple of Sonos speaker units for a little while now and need to write up my thoughts about the platform as a whole. Certainly, adding in support for AirPlay has improved my enjoyment. But in the meantime, if you’re a Sonos user, check out the app update. It will make you happy.

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