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By Dan Moren

WWDC dates revealed by Siri, confirmed by Apple


Looks like Siri has let the cat out of the bag. As first reported by 9to5Mac, if you ask Siri “when is WWDC?” the intelligent agent will respond by telling you it’s the second full week of June, the 13th-17th.

Those dates had been widely rumored, though Apple has still not officially announced them elsewhere. As of this writing, Apple’s WWDC page still only has information about last year’s event, though the Siri response indicates that such an announcement may be imminent.

Personally, I thought it was funny that Siri also pronounced the event’s abbreviation “Dub Dub Dee Cee,” as many regulars also do.

Update: It’s official! But in a first, day one events will be at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, not Moscone West. The Thursday-night beer bash has also moved from the Yerba Buena Gardens to Bill Graham.

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