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By Jason Snell

Microsoft builds Evernote importer for OneNote

I’ve heard from a lot of Evernote users who aren’t particularly happy with the service and its related web apps. It seems like there are a lot of unhappy people in Evernote land—and of course, that’s an opportunity for its competitors.

Today Microsoft announced a new Evernote importer app that lets you bring your Evernote data into its excellent OneNote application. If you’ve been thinking of leaving Evernote1, it’s worth considering.

Unfortunately, the tool currently only runs on Windows. Typical Microsoft. Fortunately, a Mac version is on the way “in the coming months.”

If you’ve got a friend with a PC, though, you can make the move now. I was able to re-boot into my iMac’s Windows 10 Boot Camp partition, download Evernote for Windows, sync my entire Evernote library, and then run the OneNote Importer tool. At the end of the process, all of my Evernote information had synced to OneDrive—and was instantly available on OneNote on my iPad and my Mac.

  1. I initially lumped OneNote in with Office 365, but as Reader Danny pointed out, OneNote is free, and you get 5GB of OneDrive for free as well. 

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