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By Dan Moren

Apple issues 2016 Supplier Responsibility Report

Apple’s been consistently releasing its annual Supplier Responsibility Report since 2007, when it started investigating the companies involved in its supply chain after reports of working conditions at some of its Chinese suppliers. Its latest report, covering 2015, details the progress made over the last year. A commensurate update to Apple’s Supplier Responsibility website summarizes many of the latest achievements.

In particular, Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams notes that 97 percent of the company’s suppliers are now in compliance with Apple’s 60-hour maximum work week, more than 3.8 billion gallons of fresh water has been saved, and more than 2400 Environment, Health, and Safety projects have been launched since 2013.

Apple’s certainly been at the forefront of supplier responsibility over the past decade, and it’s clear that Tim Cook, and by extension the company, take the matter seriously, and are constantly pressing for improvements in labor & human rights, the environment, and accountability.

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