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By Dan Moren

Prompt 2.5 is a terminal multitasker’s dream

I may not be a “hardcore” command-line junkie, but I am definitely an enthusiast, and on iOS that enthusiasm is best embodied by Panic’s Prompt, which has just gotten an impressive new update to version 2.5.

iPad users–especially Pro-toting folks–will appreciate Prompt’s new multitasking features, which include split-screen and Slideover support in iOS 9. And iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can now 3D Touch Prompt’s icon from the home screen to get access to their three most recent servers.

Prompt 2.5
Prompt and PCalc, sittin’ in a tree…

For multitaskers on all devices, Prompt’s addition of tabs will be most welcome. You can now easily switch back and forth between multiple connections–including more than one connection to the same favorite server.

Those who love terminal chic have more options too, including the ability to choose light and dark themes for the app independently of light, dark, or Panic themes for the terminal itself, as well as four different fonts.

There’s a ton more in this update, including better support for SSH keys, servers that show up in Spotlight searches, an improved palette of special keyboard keys, and a whole bunch more. It’s a great app that’s just gotten even better, and it’s well worth the $8.

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