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By Dan Moren

Canary, meet Alexa and WeMo


My home is pretty dumb, but it’s slowly getting smarter. As frequent readers will know, I live in a one bedroom apartment, so most automation tasks stem out of curiosity than actual utility.

Previously I’d mentioned my disappointment that my Canary home security device 1 didn’t really play with any of my other gear, but I didn’t realize until today that Canary had previously added support for home automation protocol Wink2 Wink connects to IFTTT, which in turn connects to my Amazon Echo.

I think you can see where this is going: I can now arm, disarm, or engage Canary’s privacy mode via voice commands to Alexa 3. Moreover, I also integrated it with my WeMo light switch so that when my office light automatically turns off at night, the Canary is automatically armed.

The more I play around with connected home devices, the more interesting I find them. I had never used Wink before, but its app is actually pretty slick.

Next task: find a way to remotely activate my Breville tea-maker from the comfort of my bed. I think I may need a robot. 4

  1. Full disclosure: Canary sponsored several episodes of my podcast The Rebound, and sent units to all of the hosts.  ↩

  2. Wink, WeMo, Weave—why so many W’s in home automation?! ↩

  3. No, I’m not telling you what code phrases I use.  ↩

  4. Or not.  ↩

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