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By Dan Moren

Grayout, the prequel to puzzle game Blackbar, is coming soon

One of my favorite puzzle games of recent years was the clever Blackbar. I guess you might call it an “epistolary censorship thriller” 1: set in a dystopian future, the all-text game involved reading letters with blacked-out words and trying to figure out what was supposed to go in the blanks. I’m not sure I’ve played anything else quite like it.

Well, designer Neven Mrgan 2 has teamed up once again with programmer James Moore to release a sequel of sorts to Blackbar, called Grayout. Neven posted a tweet with a brief animated teaser about the game.

Neven’s other games include reverse-platformer The Incident and adventure game Space Age, both created with Matt Comi.

  1. Well, if you’re an English major as I am and are perhaps overenthusiastic about polysyllabic words.  ↩

  2. Full disclosure, I consider Neven a friend (I don’t know what he considers me: a mortal enemy, perhaps?), and his wife Christa Mrgan designed our lovely site here.  ↩

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