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By Dan Moren

Lara Croft is back with new puzzles and more

We’re going back…to the tomb.

Last month, I wrote that I really liked Lara Croft Go, the turn-based puzzle game based on the classic adventure franchise, and I was surprised and excited to open the App Store this afternoon and notice that among my manifold updates was Lara Croft Go 2.0.

The update brings “a whole new adventure” including a new location (the Cave of Fire) with 26 new puzzles, a brand new mechanic, and new collectables and achievements. Best of all, if you’ve already purchased the original game, all of this comes free.

Funny enough, I was just recommending this game on this week’s episode of The Rebound, and realized after the show that I hadn’t finished the last level or two of the original game, which I did in pretty short order. So it’s awesome that there’s suddenly a whole new set of challenges for me to take on, especially now that I’ve finished The Room Three.

If you like puzzle games and haven’t tried Lara Croft Go, or, like me, thought you’d already finished everything there was to offer, then get psyched for some more tomb-raiding adventures.

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