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By Dan Moren

Amazon implements two-step authentication

Amazon two-step

Welcome to the party, Amazon. The retail giant’s finally added two-step authentication to its accounts, providing a little extra security for those who want it. If you’re not familiar, two-step authentication generally requires that you not only log in with your username and password, but also then provide a short numerical code, often delivered by text message or an app (as seen at right). This prevents someone from logging into your account without also having, say, your phone.

To enable two-step for your Amazon account, go to Your Account, click on Change Account Settings, Advanced Security Settings, and then Enable Two-Step Verification. Follow the instructions onscreen—it only takes a minute or so—and you’re all set. (Amazon provides a more step-by-step process if you need that.)

Though two-step authentication can definitely add some complication to logging into your accounts, it’s still something you should consider, especially for those accounts of key importance: banking, email, and yes, even online shopping. Better occasionally inconvenienced than sorry.

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