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By Jason Snell

Fantastical 2.5 arrives for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

Speaking of products I like being updated, today Flexibits released Fantastical 2.5 for iPhone and iPad. Fantastical is my default calendar on Mac and iPhone, and with the new version I expect to be using it a lot more on iPad as well.

Using Fantastical in Slide Over mode.

Fantastical’s Quick Actions

As with so many apps this month, Fantastical is adding support for fancy new features like a Quick Actions menu for iPhone 6S and Split View and Slide Over for iPad. Flexibits also added keyboard shortcuts for those of us who sometimes use a Bluetooth keyboard with our iPads.

Fantastical’s Apple Watch app also got an update, including a Fantastical complication. The vocabulary of complications appears to still be forming—I’ve seen complaints today about Fantastical’s small complication, which simply displays how many more events you’ve got on a given day. (I’m not sure what else it would do in that space, frankly.) And apparently in the Utility face, if your calendar has no more items it clutters the “Enjoy your day” rather than gracefully fading away to nothing (or almost nothing) instead. (I’m a big fan of complications getting out of the way if they have nothing to say.)

But Flexibits has proven to be nothing if not, er, flexible. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Fantastical’s Apple Watch complications evolve over time, like the rest of the app has.

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