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By Dan Moren

BBC iPlayer coming to the Apple TV

Tweeteth the Beeb:

About time. More to the point, a few months back, the BBC also said that it would be rolling out a U.S. version of iPlayer sometime in 2016. The caveat: it probably won’t include BBC shows that already have American homes, such as Dr. Who.

There are a number of British shows that I enjoy, most of which are difficult to find in the U.S.—and an increasing number of which come from BBC’s competitors, like ITV—but we still seem stuck in a 20th century mentality when it comes to international borders. There are licensing restrictions, sure enough, but with so much television shifting to an online medium—the app future of TV, as Tim Cook puts it—it seems anachronistic that we should be separated by mere borders. 1

  1. My Canadian friends are picking up what I’m putting down here, eh?  ↩

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