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By Dan Moren

Cheaper iCloud storage plans launch

Hey, if you’re subscribed to an iCloud storage plan, you might very well now be paying less than before. Apple announced said lower prices at its event last week; in addition to the free 5GB of storage it hands out, you can get extra storage to the tune of 50GB for $1 a month, 200GB for $3 a month, or 1TB for $10 a month.

Those prices are definitely better than what came before, and Apple is now matching the industry standard on a terabyte of storage, which is great. I’m particularly pleased since I just last month upgraded to the 200GB plan (which was previously $4 per month), but I’d still like to see Apple up that base 5GB.

Over at Amazon, you can get unlimited free cloud photo storage for free, and $5 per month will get you unlimited storage for everything. Microsoft’s OneDrive starts at 15GB free, as does Google Drive. Only Dropbox’s meager 2GB is less, but there are a few ways to get more space for free, and Dropbox isn’t necessarily asking for you to backup your devices there.

Here’s a look at overall cloud storage rates, just for comparison’s sake.

Cloud storage rates

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