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By Jason Snell

Notes and podcasts from Ireland

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

Busy day today at the Úll conference, and the Úll talk show—hosted by Guy English and yours truly in an encore performance from a year ago—is yet to come. Busy day.

Also today, Myke Hurley and I recorded and released a new episode of Upgrade that discusses our reactions to the first half of the new Steve Jobs book, the value of meeting people in person, and whether I’m embracing the iPhone 6 Plus during my extended use of it in my travels in this part of the world. So if you’re missing my voluminous writing on the site, listen to my voluminous talking instead. (Tomorrow we’ll record an extra Clockwise and I’ll probably guest on the iMore podcast as well.)

It’s been a long trip and I’ve still got a few more days to go. I’m definitely missing home, but Úll has been great so far, and you can watch live sessions if you follow the @ullstream Twitter account. The location, in Killarney in county Kerry, is spectacular. It’s rainy and windy and the different patterns on the surface of the lake right outside the hotel are beautiful to watch. In other words, just another day in Ireland…

Úll venue view.

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