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By Jason Snell

That time my blog from the ’90s got name-checked by Letterman

Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert have been talking about a review my friend Pete Ko wrote for in 1997 for a very long time. It came up at the Television Critics’ Association press tour back in 2006 and they brought it up again back in November.

Last night Carell—nominated for an Oscar, thank you very much—brought it up on “Late Show With David Letterman.” He even name-checked the site, getting it wrong as “,” though Letterman later said “” under his breath.

David Letterman. Said “” Out loud. On his show. Good grief.

(By the way, Pete says that he never got a call from Colbert offering him a job—that’s something he and Carell are misremembering. Not that Pete would have accepted. He has always been an incredibly talented writer—he was our sports editor at the UCSD student newspaper and then my managing editor there, and I do believe he could’ve gone on to a successful career in journalism if he had wanted to. Instead, he went to law school (which is how he managed to see horrors in a morgue) and has a successful career with the Justice Department.)

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