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By Jason Snell

New Apple Photos app contains ‘UXKit’ framework

Warning: This story has not been updated in several years and may contain out-of-date information.

For a while, iOS developers have complained that the UIKit framework they use to develop apps isn’t available on the Mac, making it harder to apply the same tools and techniques and code they build for iOS to Mac apps.

Today Apple dropped Photos for Mac via a developer release, and some developers are reporting signs that Apple has built this new app using something called UXKit, which sits above the Mac’s familiar AppKit frameworks and strongly resembles UIKit on iOS.

It would make too much sense for Apple to make it easier for developers—inside and outside Apple—to easily use their work on both of Apple’s major OS platforms.

[Update: Brent Simmons doubts this will ever be used outside of Apple., though he says he “could imagine a minimal UXKit that isn’t meant to replace AppKit but that can be used with both AppKit and UIKit.” For all we know, that might be what this is.]

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