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By Dan Moren

Space Age is finally upon us

As long as we’re on a gaming tack here, I’m super excited to see that Big Bucket’s Space Age is finally available.

Space Age

It’s a sci-fi adventure game, reminiscent of the kind of things I used to play back on the early days of the Mac, and I’ve been eagerly looking forward to it since I first saw the game teased what now seems like years ago.

If that’s not enough to recommend it, it’s from the same folks that developed the truly fantastic platformer The Incident, which I reviewed positively for Macworld back in 2010. (Full disclosure: While I have never met Matt Comi—though I was a big fan of his TV Forecast widget and app—Big Bucket’s other half, Neven Mrgan, is a longtime friend, as is Panic co-founder Cabel Sasser, who composed the game’s fantastic score.) Neven was also behind the intriguing and unique text adventure game Blackbar, which is well worth checking out.

And, yes, Space Age is a paid app. What of it? It’s 2014, people—are we still talking about this? At $4, an entire video game is a steal; I literally just paid more than that to buy a bagel.

Between Space Age and Monument Valley, my gaming slate is pretty full at the moment. That’s a good place to be.

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