Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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This week we talk about Google Photos ( which, of course, prompts us to talk about the business model differences between Apple and Google (
Moltz mentions Edward Snowden and gets his name wrong but he’s apparently not the only one who does that (
We talk about Photos features ( vis-a-vis Photos features ( No, these simple noun naming conventions aren’t confusing.
Dan talks about his piece on Six Colors speculating on what will be announced at WWDC this year (
We think the situation with Apple’s court-appointed overseer sucks (
We also talk about HomeKit as devices for it are starting to show up (
Dan discusses his travels with his Apple Watch (
Apple changed the way that the fitness tracker works and… it doesn’t seem to work very well (
We bemoan the lack of good podcast creation apps but the money just isn’t there (
Brent Simmons has resigned from Q Branch, if you follow the movements of celebrity developers ( Actually, he’s done that whether you do or not.
Our thanks this week go to Harry’s ( Harry’s sells premium shaving products for much less than those crappy blades that you have to get someone to unlock from a cabinet. Use the coupon code “REBOUND” to get $5 off! Don’t wait, get the shave you deserve.

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