Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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No Dan Moren this week as he was on an “aeroplane”.
So, Lex and Moltz talk about their experiences with their Sonos… uh, Sonoses? ( Right now you can get two Sonos Play speaker units for $349 (they are not an advertiser).
Lex has several swear words for Chris Breen ( who suggested he get the Sonos, even though he and Moltz actually like them.
Lex finds the Sonos works well if you have a Rhapsody account ( Again, not an advertiser. To save some time, there are no advertisers on this week’s episode. Which is weird because it sounds like everything is an advertiser.
Lex wonders if he wants an Amazon Echo ( but Moltz says no, Lex does not want an Amazon Echo no matter what Dan says ( — he’s not even on this episode.
There’s a bug in Messages that will crash your iPhone via text messages but there’s already a fix in the works so we spend about 3.5 seconds on it (
Marco Arment doesn’t like the new MacBook, which isn’t that surprising (
Moltz likes Marvel Unlimited (
Lex is freaked out by the floating MacBooks at the Apple Store page (
For people who buy a crapton of Apple stuff, an Apple Barclay’s card might be for you (
Did you know Eastern Airlines is back? ( Very weird.
This all makes Lex thing of a Billy Joel song (

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