Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Some people think the app screen on the Watch is unneeded ( They are wrong.
Here’s a closer look at the insides of the Apple Watch:
The next Apple TV may feature a new haptic remote (
Apple reportedly is trying to make free Spotify go away (
Moltz thinks he might be interested in an “iPad Pro” as a TV (
Apple has opened up its third-party band program ( Some of these don’t look bad:
Our thanks this week go to Napkin (, a tool for image mark-up and annotation for OS X. Napkin is efficient and easy to use, while still producing great looking output. Napkin is also made by some fine and handsome people. It’s the best tool you could imagine for marking up your Apple Watch screen shots. Get it at
Our thanks also to Dashlane (, a password manager for iOS and the Mac. Your passwords are always with you with Dashlane. No longer will you have to type them out on your touch devices. And the best thing? Dashlane is free to download. Go to and check it out now.
Our thanks as well to Aspiration (, a different kind of financial firm. Their idea is pretty simple – take everything you don’t like about investing, and do the opposite. Traditional Wall Street firms work for mostly millionaires. At Aspiration, their investments investment strategies are built for the middle class. Signing up takes as little as $500 and five minutes of your time. You choose the fee you pay them – even if that is zero. They don’t make a cent other than what you decide they deserve. And Aspiration is the most charitable financial firm in America. Check them out and sign up at

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