Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Dan is away so Lex and Moltz draft fellow Turning This Car Around ( co-host Jon Armstrong to guest co-host.
And guess what we start off with. Guess. Go on. Guess. Hey, you were right! Apple Watch pre-ordering. They went pretty fast (
Did people order a million of them? Probably. And more. But this survey is not to be taken seriously (
Jon actually went to the store to check the Watch out (
Lex has his new haptic MacBook and is loving the feedback (
New emoji are here and Lex is furious (
iOS 8.4 has been released to developers and it includes a new Music app that Jon is disappointed with ( In particular, he wants to hate on some of the images here:
None of us is going to WWDC, which was announced this week (

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