Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Programming note: Moltz’s computer crashed and lost his recording and we had to use the Skype track so if the audio isn’t up to our normal high standards we apologize.
This week we talk about Periscope and Lex even records one live which is not live by the time you’re reading this (
We even figure out how to monetize it with Square Cash (
As we were talking, Amazon announced a whole new way for you to buy crap from them ( We don’t like it.
The iPhone 6c may be coming (, a plastic iPhone with 6-level internals.
The New York Times is rolling out one-sentence stories for the Apple Watch ( and it doesn’t look that great.
Here’s a handy how-to for drawing Hitler that you’ll want to keep around for when you get your Apple Watch and want to send someone a sketch:
If you don’t need your extra Apple Watch band (each comes with two), you can use BandSwapper (
Our thanks this week go to Harry’s ( Harry’s sells premium shaving products for much less than those crappy blades that you have to get someone to unlock from a cabinet. The starter set is just $15 and with promo code “REBOUND”, you can get it for $10! Don’t wait, get the shave you deserve.
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