Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Oh, you know we’re talking about the Apple Car because where there’s smoke ( there’s something that’s smoking. Or someone who’s smoking.
Dan is decidedly anti-Apple Car while Lex is pro-Apple Car and Moltz just wants to take a nap. The GM CEO is also anti-Apple Car (
Then we talk about Apple Watch pricing ( because that’s what this podcast is about.
Chris Breen has left Macworld ( to go work for Apple. But it doesn’t mean Apple’s building some kind of ninja PR team.
Moltz recounts the latest fun he’s having with his son’s Lenovo (
Maybe the NSA will fix it when they rewrite the hard drive’s firmware (
Then we discuss the very long and very good Jony Ive profile in The New Yorker (
If Apple does sell a car, how will they sell them in places like New Jersey (
The Verge wants you to stop listening to podcasts at faster speeds ( but Marco Arment says listen at whatever speed you want (

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