Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Welcome to the future! Where you can scan your own books page by page thanks to Amazon (
The future sadly will not include Radio Shack, which may be selling its stores to Sprint ( or Amazon ( or both.
Dan doesn’t mind because You-do-it Electronics is still around (
And, truly alas, TUAW will not be around in the future ( and neither will Joystiq (
No sign, however that Daring Fireball is about to go under (
Individually run sites have the benefit of being able to make their own advertising decisions (
It’s not hard to imagine that AOL might mess up a decision or two as it’s still big in the dialup Internet business (
If you miss TUAW, you can find most of them soon at Apple World Today (
Apple itself, meanwhile, is rumored to be building a data center in that no-longer-used sapphire manufacturing facility (
Lex is happy there’s a way to make your iOS device’s screen even darker ( He’s weird that way.

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