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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren for Macworld

The Mac’s gaming hurdles are more cultural than technological

Here we are, almost forty years after the debut of the Mac, and if there’s one issue that remains a hot button to this day it’s gaming on the platform.

This past week, my colleague Jason Cross penned a piece explaining the technological moves Apple would need to make in order to turn gaming on the Mac into a real, going concern. Jason’s points are good ones: there are a variety of technologies that Apple could embrace in order to make it easier for game developers to bring their work to the Mac.

But those hurdles are only one part of the overall issue—and a fairly small part, in my opinion. If Apple is capable of writing an impressive piece of software like Rosetta 2, which runs Intel-based apps on Apple silicon Macs with high performance and full transparency, then the company surely has the skills to implement existing game APIs that leverage all the power of their current machines.

No, the real obstacle for gaming on the Mac is one of culture and drive. And changing those is going to be a lot harder.

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