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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell for Macworld

Is Apple making a Mac Pro nobody wants?

It’s been a rough decade for the Mac Pro. In 2013, Apple released a weird cylindrical model that didn’t meet the needs of most of Apple’s pro customers and wasn’t really upgradeable. In 2017, Apple called a bunch of tech journalists into a room and reaffirmed their commitment to the Mac, promising a new Mac Pro. That Mac Pro shipped in 2019… right before Apple made the announcement that it was shifting the Mac off of Intel and onto its own processors.

Just short of the tenth anniversary of that first Mac Pro misstep, Apple is now late in concluding its processor transition by shipping the first Apple silicon-based Mac Pro. What’s worse, reports from Bloomberg suggest that the company has ditched the next Mac Pro’s highest-end processor, calling the computer’s entire purpose into question.

Is Apple rethinking its commitment to the Mac Pro? And, given the many powerful characteristics of Apple Silicon Macs, should it?

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