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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell for Macworld

Imagining Apple’s biggest potential threats

It’s the dead of winter, even in endless-summer California. Everything’s dormant. Gray. Cold and hazy. What better time to ponder the scary, the unthinkable—the existential threats to Apple.

Back in 1997, Apple was weeks or months away from bankruptcy, depending on who you ask. Of course, Steve Jobs came back and turned it around and instilled in the company a save-every-penny ethos that persists even as Apple has transformed into one of the most valuable and profitable companies in the world.

Given this mindset, it’s undoubtedly true that inside Apple, there are people thinking deep thoughts about the long-term future of Apple. With well over $100 billion in cash and enormous profits rolling in every quarter, Apple can afford to take the long view when it considers existential threats.

So why not perform that exercise ourselves? Apple’s riding high right now, but 25 years ago, it was at death’s door. Life comes at you fast. What could lay Apple low?

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