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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell for Macworld

The two paths forward for Apple’s headset

After years of swirling rumors, it seems like Apple’s first proper foray into virtual reality might actually be happening this year. But as the company prepares to unveil the hardware and software it’s been working on for years, reports are unclear about a lot of the details.

According to Bloomberg’s authoritative Apple reporter Mark Gurman, Apple still has to work out “many kinks” with the device, involving “hardware, software, and services, as well as how it will be marketed and sold.” Call those kinks if you want–I’m not going to kink shame you–but don’t they seem to cover literally every aspect of the device?

What I’m saying is, if the device isn’t in flux, our ideas of what it might be certainly are. And yet there are really two paths for Apple to take based on what we think we know. Is this going to be a product that regular people are expected to buy, or is this an expensive preview of technology that won’t appeal to the masses until a few years from now?

What path Apple chooses will have a major impact on how the product is received and whether future Apple products in the category will have a chance to succeed.

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