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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren for Macworld

Do the Apple Watch Series 8 rumors point to a new design?

This fall marks the eighth anniversary of the announcement of Apple’s newest major hardware category, the Apple Watch. In that time, it’s become the leading example of a wearable device and though other companies have produced competitors, none have quite managed to match the popularity or cachet of the Apple Watch.

The device has evolved too–perhaps not as dramatically as the iPhone did in its first eight years–changing from a do-everything phone replacement on the wrist to one focused on health and fitness…and then sort of back to its phone replacement roots. It’s gotten a larger screen, more sensors, and different case materials, but you still can’t make your own watchfaces.

What’s on tap for the Apple Watch this fall? What does Apple, if you’ll excuse the expression, have up its sleeve? Unsurprisingly, rumors already abound.

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