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By Jason Snell for Macworld

Has Apple hit a wall with the A15 processor?

The iPhone makes up the bulk of Apple’s annual product revenue, so it’s fair to say that Tuesday’s announcement of the four new iPhone models is the most important Apple announcement of the year. But the importance goes beyond the iPhone itself because Tuesday was also the day that Apple announced the A15 Bionic, its next-generation processor.

These days, pretty much everything Apple builds—from Macs to iPads to iPhones—is powered by Apple-designed processors. The arrival of the A15 is the beginning of a new foundation for devices Apple will be releasing into 2023. Just as last year’s A14 processor was the basis for the M1—and possibly a souped-up M1X version in forthcoming MacBook Pros—the core design of the A15 will probably end up being used for future Macs and iPad Pro models.

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