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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren for Macworld

Beyond iOS 15: How WWDC sets up the next generation of killer apps

If there is one thing that Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is fundamentally about, it’s tools. This is the company’s opportunity to lay the groundwork for the big OS releases that will debut this fall, yes, but we’re also talking about Apple here. And Apple is a company that looks at the long-term—it’s the kind of attitude you can afford to have when you have billions of dollars and are into your fifth decade.

But the reason tools are important is because they point to the kind of things that Apple thinks are important. That’s not always to say that the company is infallible, but it’s a good indication of where it thinks the future is heading. And, of course, in cases where it’s a future that Apple itself has in mind, that gives it a leg up.

So, by looking at the kind of tools and technologies that Apple has laid out for developers to take advantage of this year, you can get a pretty good idea of at least some things that are coming down the pike for the company, whether in the short term or farther off in the future.

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