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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell for TechRepublic

With A11 Bionic, Apple’s iPhone takes another big performance step forward

Apple introduced three new iPhones on Tuesday, and while most of the discussion is about the iPhone X, the announcement with perhaps the biggest impact on productivity yesterday is something that’s inside all of these smartphone models: the Apple-designed A11 Bionic processor.

Apple has been designing its own processors for iOS devices for some time now. Part of Apple’s secret sauce is that it controls the processor road map, the operating system, and the phone hardware itself. And as we’ve seen over the last few years, Apple has managed to continue increasing processor and graphics capabilities at a pretty rapid rate.

Packing more power into a phone isn’t just good for bragging rights, nor will it make you prioritize your email faster. But that added processor power enables new features that Apple and app developers will take advantage of—and while games will always make for fun demos, there are also productivity-based applications for new technologies like augmented reality and advanced imaging based on depth-sensing technology.

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