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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren for Macworld

For Apple, tech isn’t about the gadgets

Ah, the Consumer Electronics Show. Home to smart fridges, video games, automotive technology, and a whole lot of technological gadgets and junk. It’s bad enough sifting through all the news from the comfort of my own office–I just heave a sigh of relief that I haven’t needed to actually set foot at the show in almost a decade.

And the reason that I’ve been able to avoid the Las Vegas Convention Center is because Apple isn’t really a presence there. Oh, sure, there are plenty of companies developing iPhone add-ons or showing off their new apps, but Apple itself doesn’t attend in any official capacity. That’s in large part because the company is perfectly capable of making its own splash whenever it wants to, simply by calling a press event.

But another big reason is that Apple simply doesn’t see itself as a “gadget” purveyor that needs to compete with any of the other companies at the show. Because when it comes to CES, gadgets are a lot of what draw the eye.

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