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Jason Snell for Macworld

Embrace the stickers, but the iMessage App Store contains so much more ↦

iOS 10 is here, and with it, stickergeddon.

If you have friends, soon they will be sending you iMessage stickers. And fake heartbeats. And finger-written messages that look like they came from a pen. And there will be messages lent via balloon and via laser. You will be helpless under the barrage of confetti, Mario Run stickers, and tap-back icon replies.

If you’re a curmudgeon, you will hate it. As my friend Greg put it the other day, “I live in silent, terrible dread of iOS 10 Messages. Unicode is bad enough-we made a mistake moving beyond 7-bit ASCII.”

I replied to Greg’s message with a sticker with a picture of Skeletor on it.

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