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By Jason Snell for iMore

A little less color

When I was in first grade, I took a strange test in which I had to identify numbers hidden in a field of small circles.

I don’t remember taking it, but I do remember the result: My mother said that we received a letter declaring that I was color blind. Even as a little kid, my reaction was to laugh it off as ridiculous — I could see colors, all of them. What a stupid test.

But in college a friend complimented my sweater by saying she liked its shade of green — my blue sweater. A girlfriend’s gray socks (probably needing a little bleach?) were actually light pink. That letter was right: I am a mild deutan, with a deficiency of red-green sight (deuteranomaly) that I share with roughly five percent of the male population.

While I’ve appreciated the work Apple does to make its products accessible — I’ve learned a lot from the writing of Steven Aquino on this subject — I’ve never really considered myself someone in need of accessibility or accommodation. But the fact is, I do see the world in a different way from 95 percent of the population, and every now and then that matters…

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