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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren for Macworld

How the FCC’s moves could give Apple TV a new lease on life

TV is a big part of my life. Maybe that’s not exactly healthy, but it’s true. In part that’s because I spend a lot of time talking and podcasting about TV shows, but also because it’s one way that my brain unwinds after a long day of trying to arrange words in the correct order.

The newest Apple TV has been a pretty significant part of my TV-watching equation since its release, even when I’ve found it somewhat underwhelming, and a recent move from a government agency may let platforms from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and more become an even more central part of the TV-watching experience–in turn potentially opening up an entirely new chapter in television’s history.

That move came from the Federal Communications Commission, which last week approved a proposal that would open up the previously locked-down market for set-top devices. You know, those black boxes that you have to use to get TV from your cable or satellite provider. Under the new rules, other companies would be able to easily build set-top boxes, finally bringing a little more competition to the historically closed market. And Apple stands poised to take full advantage of the fact.

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