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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell for Macworld

Learning to love the iPad Air 2

I was an iPad mini lover from the first. I bought the original model just so I could try it out, figuring I’d hand it down to a family member or sell it, and ended up adopting it as my own personal iPad. When the iPad mini 2 came out, I rushed to get one and adopted it as my own personal Retina iPad.

But a funny thing happened: This summer I bought a refurbished iPad Air 2 in order to try out Split View multitasking, a special feature of iOS 9 that no other iPad supported at the time. (The new iPad mini 4 also supports it, as will the forthcoming iPad Pro.) I spent the summer mostly using the iPad Air 2. So when the iPad mini 4 was announced, I responded by… not buying it. Instead, I’m planning on handing my iPad mini 2 down to my son and sticking with the iPad Air 2.

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