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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren for Macworld

Can the Apple TV bring everything under (remote) control?

I’m excited about many of the features of the forthcoming Apple TV, whether it be the promise of universal search or the long-awaited offering of third-party apps. But one new development has me alternating between hope and concern: the Apple TV’s remote.

Just to refresh your memory, the remote control that comes with the new Apple TV is a bit larger than the old aluminum metal version which featured nothing more than a directional pad and a couple buttons.

The new version is promising, in that it incorporates a couple of different control options, including a dedicated Siri button (with attendant microphone) and a glass touchpad à la Apple’s trackpads. As far as controlling the Apple TV goes, that sounds like a nice improvement over the somewhat lackluster model. But Apple also mentioned during its September event that the new remote will be able to control the volume for your TV and even turn your television set on.

Apple clearly envisions this to be the one remote to control every single thing that you own. And that’s a lot of responsibility to heap upon one tiny little oblong.

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