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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: Sweet solutions

John Moltz and his conspiracy board. Art by Shafer Brown.

The new Macs are here! The new Macs are here! But Apple would like iMac fans to go ahead and buy the 24-inch model, please. Meanwhile, remember Intel?

Happy new Macs to all who purchase and celebrate

Reviews of the new Macs are out and, just between you and me…

…come a little closer…

…they’re apparently good machines.

I know, right?

Spoiler alert: these new Macs are faster overall than the previous Macs. Some might say the M3-based MacBooks are the fastest MacBooks Apple’s ever shipped. In fact, Apple said that very thing. Which is what they say every time they update the MacBook Pro.

Still, the consensus about the now-shipping machines is pretty clear: they’re good Macs! Jason says “the Apple silicon iMac is charismatic and fun”.

What was surprising was to find that many units shipped not with the latest and greatest operating system, but with macOS Ventura, leading to a bit of confusion.…

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