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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: Highly dubious!

John Moltz and his conspiracy board. Art by Shafer Brown.

Who wants cheap MacBooks and USB-C iPhones?! Everyone. Apple sets things on the spin cycle and the UK government seems stuck on a roundabout.

Wish fulfillment

This week saw a rumor about a low-cost MacBook make the rounds. This brings to mind the buzz that Apple was going to release a “netbook” before it introduced the original MacBook Air.

“Here’s your ‘netbook’. It has one USB port and it costs $1,800. Enjoy.”

Apple’s revenue has been relatively flat for the last year and a half. What makes anyone think it would introduce anything low-cost, particularly to compete with Chromebooks?

Meanwhile, a survey out this week says that as much as 44 percent of Android users would be tempted to switch to the iPhone if it goes to USB-C! Sight unseen! Wow! Don’t tell me anything else about it, just give me that sweet, sweet USB-C!

Was this a survey of European Union lawmakers?…

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