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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: Press release excitement

John Moltz and his conspiracy board. Art by Shafer Brown.

Rumors this week indicate that not only will the cables that come with the iPhone 15s have different connectors, they’ll be different in between, too! We’re also hearing from totally reliable sources that the Vision Pro is way cool, and Apple is supporting a bill that could let you crack your iPhone open like a Penn Cove oyster.

So-called “cordless” phones

So about those new iPhone cables… Just like the iMacs of old, they come in colors. This probably just sounds like a gimmick, but think of how useful it will be in picking out the right cable from the drawer of white cables you already have. The new cables are:

  1. Color-matched to your iPhone
  2. Thicker and more durable
  3. Longer than the cables that previously shipped with iPhones
  4. Limited to USB 2.0 speeds
  5. Flavored

I may have made one of those up. You think it’s the last one, but with the variety of USB-C cables available, can you be sure?…

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