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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: An onmouseover Event

John Moltz and his conspiracy board. Art by Shafer Brown.

Apple scores a victory against Epic. Does it want to celebrate by going to Disneyland? And buying it? Also, keep this under your hat, but Apple is rumored to be shipping new phones next month. Huge, if true.

The App Store doth protest too much

It’s hard to believe that Apple’s conflict with Epic has now been going on for 35 years, but here we are.

I’m sorry, I’m being informed that it just feels like 35 years. I regret the error.

This week Apple won a battle, but not the war.

“Apple Doesn’t Have to Change App Store Rules Yet, Rules Supreme Court in Ongoing Epic Dispute”

This pertains to Apple’s anti-steering rules, which prevent app developers from mentioning that websites exist in the year 2023. While the App Store has many objectionable rules, habits, inconsistencies, vagaries, and mysterious, unwritten spells bound to the ancient powers of mercurial spirit demons, the anti-steering rules are among the worst—even if it’s sometimes hard to pick a least favorite.…

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