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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: Driving Mr. Brimley

This week we wish a happy birthday to the App Store, dip a toe in the the warm waters of the beta pool, and try to remember what those shows our friends have recommended but we never go around to watching.

Wanna feel old?

Why? That kind of self-loathing isn’t healthy. But, if you still do, just know that the App Store has now crossed the “Wilford Brimley gets his learner’s permit” line.

That is so a thing.

Yes, this week marked the 15th anniversary of the release of the App Store, an event that Apple Fellow Phil Schiller marked by using his meaty paws to post on Mastodon:

Happy 15th Birthday App Store 🎂

And now, much like the groundhog of the same name, he will disappear from Mastodon for another year. Schiller’s seemingly reserved tone might be more appropriate for Mastodon’s nerdier population, which may bend a little more to the developer side of things than that of the well-heeled middle man.…

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