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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: You can’t spell “Grimace” without “iMac”

John Moltz's This Week in Apple - Art by Shafer Brown

Phil Schiller is ruining everything! And a tale of two Macs: one real that maybe shouldn’t be, the other not yet real that really should be.

Meaty paws make light work

What’s wrong with the App Store? Turns out it’s simpler than we thought.

In an interview with, former head of App Store review Phillip Shoemaker laid the blame for the App Store’s faults at the hands of Phil Schiller.

”Phil just needs to get his meaty paws off the App Store.”

Shoemaker’s tone is incendiary enough for one to think that he might have a book coming out soon, but it’s never very hard to get a platform if you’re a former Apple executive and you have something bad to say about the company. Heck, half the time you don’t even have to have worked at Apple.


(That sounds like a joke, but then there’s the time The Wall Street Journal asked a standup comedian about Apple Pay.)…

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