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By John Moltz

This Week in Apple: Could go either way

The headset goes on a real expectations rollercoaster ride this week as Apple clears the deck for WWDC.

The Apple headset is awesome

If you were worried about Apple’s chances in the AR/VR space you can relax because it looks like they’ve got this headset business all sorted.

Word on the street—well, it’s more like an alley, a dark alley where rumors are passed—is it’ll knock your socks off. If you wear them on your face.

I’m not here to judge your fashion choices.

Oculus VR founder and noted rich person Palmer Luckey had this to enigmatically tweet about Apple’s upcoming offering this week:

The Apple headset is so good.

How does he know? Unclear. In what way does he mean? Who knows? Do we care what he thinks? Reasonable people can disagree.

Still: huge, if true.

This, of course, comes after a tester said last month that people would be “blown away” by the Apple headset.…

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