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By Joe Rosensteel

Software subscriptions feel weird, but they work

Creative Cloud isn’t going to win any awards, but the service works.

With the recent announcement of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad we have renewed the same, silly argument about subscription pricing that happens far too often. Without having the apps in hand (literally) there’s very little to say in the way of assessing the value offered by the subscriptions at this time, but there’s plenty to say in favor of recurring payments from behind the safety of this paywalled post (thanks for subscribing).

When Adobe switched to Creative Cloud pricing, there was a lot of sturm and drang, and while it hasn’t been all rainbows and puppies it’s largely worked out for all involved. Yes, Adobe executives have probably bought themselves a nice vacation home, but Creative Cloud has been a success for me, personally. I use Lightroom for my photo hobby, I use Premiere for cutting my demo reel every so often, and I use Audition for editing podcasts.…

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