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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: The many moods of Tim Cook

Tim Cook - Shutterstock
Goooooood mornnnnnning!

We here at Six Colors don’t get a lot of scoops—simply put, it’s not what we do. Sure, we hear rumors from time to time, and sometimes even a little birdie or two crosses our path with an interesting tidbit, but they generally don’t rise to the level of an entire story.

However, on rare occasion, just such a nugget does come to our attention, and it’s simply too good to pass up. Which is why we can exclusively report upon a recent development inside Apple that changes the very way the company handles its internal projects.

Tim Cook is, obviously, a very difficult man to read. He’s buttoned-down. He plays his cards1 close to his chest. On which he wears a button-down. That can be quite a challenge for the Apple executives who want to sell him on a particular project they’re working on: how best to gauge whether or not Tim is receptive to a specific idea?…

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