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By Joe Rosensteel

Pivoting to Numbers

Setting up a filter in a Numbers pivot table

Not too long ago I came the realization that I have a lot of camera equipment, and that I didn’t know where all of it was, or what condition it was in. Like most hobbyist photographers, it all starts with a low-end DSLR… and then flash forward 15 years and not only have you bought many cameras and lenses, but you have inherited even more.

I kept thinking I would track this with a personal, bespoke wiki, or Craft, or Obsidian, as nerds are wont to do, but they didn’t seem to fit the bill. I needed to be able to know not just their details on a page, but details across all of it.

Unfortunately, this meant spreadsheets. I work with really complicated, intricate software all day long, but I almost never do anything with office productivity software that’s more complicated than a 2nd grade book report, so this was admittedly a little humbling to fumble my way through this.…

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